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Extended Day 2017

3:30pm – 6:00pm

Our extended day bilingual program (Spanish) focuses on exciting and fun activities led by our classroom teachers or other specialists from the neighborhood that come in to work with our children with our support. Activities are in Spanish, last 45 minutes and are offered once a week. Signing up for both activities in one day allows your child to remain at CE Montessori from 3:30 – 6pm, otherwise children must be dropped off up to 15 minutes before the class begins and picked up immediately after.

Extended Day begins everyday at 3:30 when school is in session, signups are for the entire semester and sessions and pricing reflect days missed in the semester.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4pm Twinkle Toes Extended Care Rock N Lolo Extended Care Tumble Tots
5pm Kick and Play Extended Care Funikijam Extended Care GymStars

Our Mission

At c'e Montessori we prepare the child to transform their world, without prejudice to what that world will be, which child will transform it or how it needs to be transformed. We respect the potential of the child and the fundamentals of our ideas enough to ignore the realities of this world long enough to allow our students to imagine it different.

Our Curriculum

Montessori is Moving

Humans were meant to move, exercise, explore. In Montessori this never stops. We allow our children to move, to discover, to think and learn on their feet. Lessons are short, sitting around is minimal.

Montessori is Manipulatives

The connections between our hands and our brains are crucial to strong early childhood development. Here, we learn through our hands using Montessori materials, we build our knowledge and our experience through touch. There are no screens, no handouts no lectures. The Montessori Method relies on a classroom that we interact with constantly by moving through it, touching it, and manipulating it.

Montessori is Choice

Kids like coming to school in the morning because they know the day is theirs. The choices that they make and the work that they explore is entirely up to them. Adults are there to guide. A relationship to learning and empowerment is developed from the very first day of school.

Montessori is Community

Everyone has a job in a Montessori classroom. Everyone is a teacher to their peers and learns from their peers. Because we realize the importance of this in developing patience and confidence, Montessori classrooms are multi-aged. Children need only look to slightly older classmates for guidelines on how they should be behaving, exploring, learning. In turn, mentoring younger friends develops true and natural pride and confidence.

Another important part of forming a community is conflict resolution. In our classrooms we provide tools and teach our students techniques to resolve problems on their own. Through practice, guidance and understanding, the Montessori classroom teaches children to respect themselves and each other.

Beyond being responsible for their own learning and classroom community, we focus on the child’s responsibility to his world through peace education and their crucial role in protecting the environment.

Our Promise

Be Accountable

c'e pentagon

In a classroom, the greatest freedom comes in a perfectly organized and accountable system. By closely tracking student data we create the greatest possible freedom. Then, we make that data transparent, interesting and available to number-conscious parents, so that they are willing to embark in the adventure alongside their children.

Work Year Round

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Free of constraints of group scheduling - our school year is constant. Vacations are taken whenever is convenient, data follows students. Forget compromising crucial family adventures and experiences. No more summer drop-off, scheduling nightmares or life decisions depending on school.

Let Go

c'e pentagon

As parents, we all cherish that moments where we happily take our hands off our child's shoulders and let them go forward in happy, safe discovery. At c’e, we create an environment where that feeling is constant. When we allow our kids a safe, interesting and accountable space that they own and create, we allow them the freedom to discover their passions and create their world.

Our Campus

Our Programs


The Toddler Program, for children ages 2 to 3, is designed to assist the child in taking important first steps away from home into a nurturing, supportive and stimulating school environment. Children develop independence and respect for others, as well as acquire sensory, motor, practical life, language, pre-reading and pre-math skills.

Within the Toddler Room, the toddler-sized furniture, as well as the specially designed Montessori materials for this age group, provide an environment young children can explore with a sense of mastery. Activities are designed to promote self-care, develop gross and fine motor skills, foster increasing concentration and ability to absorb and follow multi-step directions and to develop social skills.

Toddler students learn to work independently in the classroom, taking materials from the shelves, completing the steps of their work and then returning the materials to the shelves. As they progress through the year, they begin to work collaboratively with friends and teachers.


In our Primary program 3-6 year-old students work cooperatively and independently in the prepared environment. Our traditional Montessori curriculum includes language skills, mathematics, reading and writing, geography, science, and culture. Beyond these focus areas, children are encouraged to become increasingly independent and active participants in the learning process.

Small groups and individual instruction characterize the program. Teachers move throughout the classroom, facilitating children’s work choices and social interactions as they carefully observe and record the key points of each child’s day. An open, three hour work period encourages children to develop concentration, to make their own choices, and to learn to manage increasing portions of their time independently.

The Primary program includes lessons and experiences with music, Spanish, and physical education including yoga, dance and movement. Like the traditional Montessori curriculum, these curricular areas are also taught in small group lessons as well as through individual materials. Every Primary classroom is led by a fluent Spanish speaker and is built to accommodate Spanish speaking students.


As an independent and Montessori school program, our focus is building a rich, diverse community around our mission and vision and supporting families that have the desire of being part of that work. Our prospective families are encouraged to attend tour and info sessions, meet with us, and become familiar with the Montessori method and the independent school movement. We interview parents as part of our process to ensure we have a community that understands the Montessori classroom and chooses it for their child.

Parent tours during the school year are granted by emailing There is an application fee of $50 for processing applications and sending out letters of enrollment as well as carrying out our phase-in process. Once your application is received, you will be offered a position in the 2020/2021 classroom OR a position on our waitlist. If you are offered a position, you will be sent an enrollment contract and will have 15 days to consider the offer and respond with completed enrollment papers and a $2500 deposit to hold your child's spot in the class.

Admissions Calendar


Fall 2019
Rolling admissions through the Fall, all families completing applications after tours will receive an answer on availability immediately. Admissions are based solely on availability (which can sometimes depend on age of child).
Friday, December 13th
Last day for Rolling Fall admissions.


12/7/2019 - 2/1/2020
Regular 2019-2020 Applications Received.
Tuesday, Feb 4th
First Round of Admissions Notifications to Parents.

Our first admissions decisions for the Spring will be sent out on Monday, February 4th.


We host tours every Wednesday from 10:00-10:45 AM by appointment. Tours allow prospective parents to explore the classroom while our children are working and ask questions at an info session with our director.

Email to set up a tour.

Admissions Procedure

Parents applying for Toddlers, Primary or Kindergarten programs should follow these steps:

  1. Attend a tour.
  2. Complete an online application.
  3. Return enrollment forms with deposit within 15 day period.

Tuition Schedule

Transitional Two’s Room

3 mornings (8:00am – 11:30am)


5 mornings (8:00am – 11:30am)


5 days (8:00am – 3:30pm)


5 extended days (8am-6pm)


Summer Session (July and August)

Morning | 2550 - Full | 3250 - Extended | 3950

Montessori Primary Classroom (3-6yr olds)

5 mornings (8:00am – 11:30am)


5 days (8:00am – 3:30pm)


5 extended days (8am-6pm)


Summer Session (July and August)

Morning | 2550 - Full | 3250 - Extended | 3950

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